Denise is a contemporary fiber artist, art quilter, lecturer, and teacher. Her work emphasizes
ancient “stonescapes” – both landscapes, and ancient stones, portals, and ruins.

Dun Aengus Stone Fort I (HD)
Dun Aengus Stone Fort
Quilt National 2007 multiple award winner

“The first time I saw one of Denise’s “stone” quilts, I was immediately drawn to it. The lighting and perspective is always dramatic. Each quilt exudes such a quiet reverence that when I come face to face with one, I find myself in a meditative trance – transported back to another time and another place. Denise’s quilts are good for the soul.”

Ricky Tims, La Veda, Colorado

“Denise’s representation of ancient stones and megaliths breathes life into structures which, to the unobservant eye or busy observer, may otherwise appear cold and lifeless. The texture of her stones, the light, and her use of perspective bring a realistic, deeply emotional quality which would be difficult to achieve in any other way. Denise’s work reminds those of us who live around these megaliths, and who often forget about their beauty, their history, and the people that made them, to take a second deep look and appreciate that which came before, and that which we might be missing.”

Margaret McCrory, Belfast, Northern Ireland