Denise’s quilts depend on the extensive use of multiple appliqué and construction techniques. Construction Techniques I is a hands-on class that focuses on appliqué – explaining and demonstrating why and when she uses reverse appliqué versus turned edge appliqué versus raw edge appliqué; the relative strengths, benefits, and challenges of each technique; and how to consistently produce predictable, desired results. Construction Techniques II expands on this (again, hands-on) best practices appliqué focus and adds insetting, free-form stripping, and quilt finishing; Construction Techniques III includes all of the Construction Techniques II instruction and adds a strong design and composition emphasis by also focusing on working from photographs.

For example, as shown below, turned edge appliqué helps “pop” out objects from the background; raw edge appliqué does exactly the opposite (in that it tends to flatten objects). Reverse appliqué, in contrast, helps in shadowing (lights and darks) and textures, adding to an object's distinct dimensionality and "personality" in ways not otherwise possible. Insetting is an alternative technique to turned edge appliqué, providing very clear fabric boundaries and no visible stitching.

Denise's Construction Techniques classes focus on ensuring that each participant becomes fully comfortable with these various techniques, plus understanding the "when and why" of their use.

Example of Reverse Appliqué

Example of Raw Edge Appliqué

Example of Turned Edge Appliqué

Example of an Inset Moon and Stones